2-Handed Weapon changes and Talents

The way the book currently handles 2-handed weaponry is crap. It is very inconsistent, and generally 2 handed weapons are vastly inferior to one handed weapons. This is because they gain only a point or two of damage and/or pen, and usually become unbalanced or unwieldy. There are also no 2-handed specific talents to advance their use, but one handed weapons quickly overtake them in usefulness due to dual-wielding.
So, 2 handers are being re-worked. The goal is for them to fill a different slot. Dual-wielding will allow for a greater amount of attacks, and more total damage. 2 handing will have less hits, but hit harder. The total damage will be less, but since it is delivered in fewer hits, it will better overcome armor and toughness. However, it should require some talents to reach the full potential of 2 handed weapons, just as it does for dual-wielding.
Most basic weapons deal 1d10 damage, and then maybe get +1 damage or a different damage type depending on what sort of weapon they are. They may also become unbalanced, unwieldy, or balanced. This means that some are blatantly better than others. Mainly, swords are always the best choice due to being Balanced. The paltry +1 damage you gain from an Axe isn’t worth it being Unwieldy (unable to parry at all.) Great weapons have a single stat-line for all their types. 2D10 damage, unbalanced. It is silly to lump them all together.
So, the basic change, is that 2 handed variants of weapons will be exactly the same as their 1 handed version, except they gain 1d10 damage. They keep the same penetration and +damage. If the base weapon was unwieldy, they remain unwieldy. If it was unbalanced, it becomes unwieldy. If it was normal, it becomes unbalanced. If it was balanced, it becomes normal. So, one step down in other words.
Here are the new talents you can take to improve 2-handed weapon use:

Leverage: Tier 1, Unaligned.
The heretic has learned to take full advantage of the greater leverage afforded by the long hafts and handles of two-handed weapons, improving their speed. The weapon moves one step closer to balanced, but cannot become more balanced than the base weapon. (In other words, it can’t become more balanced than the 1 handed version. If there is no 1 handed version, don’t worry about it.)

Mighty Grip: Tier 2, Unaligned.
The heretic has learned to put the full force of both hands into their swings. They add half their strength modifier again to weapon damage (So 1.5 times strength modifier total.) This includes bonuses from Unnatural strength (unlike powerfists, which double strength bonus but not Unnatural Strength.) This talent applies to any melee weapon that can be gripped in both hands, not only 2 handed weapons.

Cleaving Swings: Tier 1, Khorne.
The heretic knows how to get the most out of the superior reach of 2 handed weapons. When attacking hordes with a 2 handed weapon, they inflict 1 additional Magnitude damage for every 2 hits with the weapon. This stacks with Whirlwind of Death.

Felling Blows: Tier 3, Khorne. Prerequisite: Mighty Grip.
The heretic is adept at striking mighty blows with their two handed weapons. When using a 2 handed weapon, they gain Felling equal to half their strength bonus (Including Unnatural Strength.) When making an All Out Attack, they gain Felling equal to their whole strength bonus. This stacks with any Felling the weapon already possessed.

Mighty Blows: Tier 3, Khorne. Prerequisite: Mighty Grip.
The heretic uses the full weight of the weapon to stagger his target. When making an All Out Attack, the weapon counts as Concussive (0). This stacks with other sources of Concussive.

2-Handed Weapon changes and Talents

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