Legion Benefits

Legion Benefits

Black Legion
+5 to Any one Stat

World Eaters
Cannot be a Psyker
Starts out aligned to Khorne, and cannot change
WS+5, Str+5
May Purchase Unstoppable Wrath as a Tier 3 Unaligned Talent
Avatars of Slaughter
Skills: Intimidate+10, Parry+10
Talents: Ancient Warrior, Berserk Charge, Cold Hearted, Flesh Render, Fearless, Frenzy, Pity the Weak

Thousand Sons
Must be a Sorcerer
Starts out aligned to Tzeetnch, and cannot change
Willpower+5, Fellowship+5
May Purchase Rubric of Ahriman ability as a Tier 3 Unaligned Talent
Skills – Forbidden Lore (Warp), Forbidden Lore (Psykers), Scholastic Lore (Legend)
Talents – Warp Sense

Death Guard
T+5, WP+5

Emperor’s Children
Per+5, BS+5

Word Bearers
Fel+5, WP+5

Iron Warriors
Int+5, T+5

Alpha Legion
Int+5, Per+5
Camoline Coating (Stealth+10, -10 to hit)
May Purchase Deceitful Tactics as a Tier 3 Unaligned Talent
Skills: Awareness+10 or Charm, Common Lore (Imperium) or Survival, Deceive+30, Stealth
Talents: Ancient Warrior, Cold Hearted or Jaded, Enemy (Inquisition), Foresight

Night Lords
Str+5, WP+5
Traits – Dark Sight
May Purchase Terror Tactics as a Tier 3 Unaligned Talent
Spectral Haunter
Talents -

Legion Benefits

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