Talents not found in books


Prosanguine – Requires Hardy – Tier 2 – This talent works the same as it is in the book, except the Apothecary does not require Black Blood nor Mechanicus implant. Also the Test is a Medicae Test. If he rolls a 96-100 he loses the benefit of Hardy for 1 week.

Apothecary Training – Requires Medicae – Tier 1 – The Apothecary has begun his training. When Making a heal check, he heals for Int+1 instead of just Int

Apothecary Expertise – Requires Apothecary Training, Int 40, Medicae+10 – Tier 2 – The Apothecary has become much better at healing and now heals for Int+1d5. When attempting to assist an ally who must make a test or lose a limb, you must still move next to the ally on your next turn should you choose to assist him, but the test to assist is a fre action rather than a half action.

Apothecary Mastery – Requires Apothecary Training, Int 50, Master Chirugeon – Tier 3 – The Apothecary has mastered the art of Healing and now heals for Int+1d10. When an ally must make a toughness test or lose a limb, you no longer need to be next to him. You only need to be within 1/2 Int Bonus x 5m within the ally to grant him the bonus, and do not need to move next to him on your next turn. If he is outside of this range, you will need to move to put him in this range for him to benefit from the talent. In addition, instead of needing to be where the character lost the limb within 1 round to reattach the limb, you only need to be there within Int Bonus rounds to reattach.

Medical Precision – Requires Master Chirugeon, Sharpshooter or Precise Blow – Tier 3 – Khorne – the character’s precision in his medical talents have now granted him greater benefits in combat. Targeting a specific body part now gains inflicts a 1d2 critical effect as if inflicting a Zealous Hatred with regards to either Sharpshooter or Precise Blow, to gain the benefit to both melee and ranged, you need both Sharpshooter and Precise Blow. If the character inflicts a zealous hatred with this talent the zealous hatred result is a 1d5+2 instead.

Battlefield Surgeon – Requires Master Chirugeon, Medicae+30 – Tier 3 – The character has become so good at healing his companions, that when making a first aid check on a critically wounded or Heavily wounded companion, he heals an additional 2. In addition, when an ally suffers a critical wound that instantly severs a limb or vaporizes it (except the head), the character may make a Very Hard (-30) Medicae Test to save the limb and grant the ally the usual toughness test to avoid limb loss. The character must be within the distance required to assist the ally to use this effect.


Leadership – Tier 1 – The champion gains 2 Infamy points that can only be used by his comrades with his Inspiring Presence Ability. These extra Infamy Points are lost at the end of the session. At the beginning of the session he gains 2 new ones. This can be taken multiple times.

Infamous Commander – Requires Excessive Wealth, Command+20 – Tier 2 – The champion now can make use of his battlefield leadership when purchasing equipment. Once per session, the Champion may use his Command in place of his Infamy for a single item(s) acquisition Test.

Battlefield Anchor – Requires True Grit, Fearless, Command +20 – Tier 3 – Nurgle aligned – The champion cannot be taken down, when benefiting from the True Grit talent, the character now Triples his Toughness Bonus and all allies within Fel Bonus x 5m gain the True Grit talent and use which ever is better between their or their champion’s toughness Bonus.

Perfect Guardian – Requires Preternatural Speed, Step Aside, Dodge+20, Command+20 – Tier 3 – Slaanesh aligned – The champion has become a blurring image and is able to dodge much easier than others. He now gains an additional reaction each turn that he can use to place intercept an attack against one of his allies. He must be within charge range of the ally to use this talent. Should he then choose the parry or dodge the attack, both he and his ally count as having dodged or parried the attack.

A Cunning Plan – Requires Int 55, Foresight, Infamy 40+ – Tier 3 – Tzeentch aligned – The champion can now predict the enemies movements, as if he has seen the future. By making a Hard (-20) Command Test, he may now spend a number of Infamy points before the encounter begins. For each point he spends he may give a +10 bonus as a free action to an ally of his choice lasting 1 round, this bonus can be granted more than once the same character in the same round (increasing the bonus). Using this talent is a free action and can be used on anyone’s turn.

Aspiring Champion – Requires Leadership, Fellowship 40, – Tier 3 – When a Player who is within the Champion’s Fellowship bonus times 10m, including the champion himself, spends an infamy point, that player rolls a d10. On a 10 the point counts as not having been spent.

Lead from the Front – Requires Command+20, Fearless, Into the Jaws of Hell – Tier 3 – Khorne aligned – By Spending an Infamy Point, and passing a Hard (-20) Command Test the Champion can give all of his allies immunity to pinning and fear for the rest of the encounter. However should he die or be knocked unconscious, all allies must immediately take a Fear (2) test that ignores the effects from the Fearless and Resistance (Fear) talents.

Veteran Commander – Requires Fellowship 45, Command+10 – Tier 2 – The champion has become used to the reigns of command and now can use the Inspire aspect of the command skill as a reaction instead of a half action. He also now gains an additional reaction for the sole use of this ability. In addition, when making a Fellowship test of any kind, he never suffers more than a -20 to the test.

Inspiring Words – Requires Fellowship 50, Command – Tier 2 – Slaanesh – The champion knows how to inspire his allies to great feats. When he uses the Inspire aspect of the Command skill he now grants a +20 rather than a +10.


Eyes on the Target – Requires Ag 45, BS 45 or WS 45, Sure Strike or Deadeye Shot – Tier 2 – When making a Called Shot, the character gains Proven (X), where X is equal to his BS bonus.

Critical Precision – Requires Precision, BS 40 or WS 40 – Tier 2 – Slaanesh – The chosen now deals an extra effect on a called shot when he rolls a zealous hatred. Note these effects do not go off if the damage would not normally bypass the target’s armor and toughness. Arm: attack deals 1d5 damage to Ag and S; Leg: attack deals 1d5 Ag damage and knocks the target prone; Chest: attack deals 1d5 T damage and target receives 1d5 levels of fatigue; Head: attack deals 1d5 damage to Int, Per, and WP, Stuns target for 1d5 rounds

Pinpoint Precision – Requires Sharpshooter or Precise Blow, Precision, Critical Precision, BS 45 or WS 45 – Tier 3 – Tzeentch – The chosen has become able to precisely hit even the smallest targets for additional effect. Should the target take damage greater than his T score from this attack, the Arms, Legs, Chest, and Head receive an additional effect, if this was done on a Zealous Hatred result, it replaces the effect from Critical Precision if the character has it.

Arm: attack deals 1d10 damage to S and Ag, if a 10 is rolled the limb is useless for 1d5 rounds; Leg: Target is knocked prone and the limb is useless for 1d5+1 rounds, his movement is now halved for the rest of the encounter; Chest: the attack deals 1d10 T damage and 1d10 Fatigue; Head: attack deals 1d10 damage to Int, Per, and WP (roll separately), knocks the target unconscious for 1d2 rounds, should a 9 or 10 be rolled for 2 of 3 of those, the head is blown off

Cone of Destruction – When the chosen makes the overwatch or suppressing fire actions, he now covers a 90 degree arc instead of a 45 degree.

Storm of Iron – Tier 2 – By Spending an Infamy point, the Chosen’s next semi-auto or full-auto burst gains increased penetration. The second hit gains +1, the third +2, fourth +3, and so on to a max of the character’s BS bonus.

Immovable Warrior – Tier 2 – When wielding a Heavy Weapon and spending a Half action, the Chosen can make himself into a living turret. He gains +10 to BS tests and the Sturdy Trait. He can only make Overwatch and Suppressive fire actions when using this ability. Using Evasions also breaks Immovable Warrior, unless the character has the Lock On talent.

Unrelenting Devastation – Requires Immovable Warrior, BS 55 – Tier 3 – When using the Immovable Warrior he may now also make normal actions, except still cannot make evasions unless he wishes to break Immovable Warrior, unless he has the Lock On talent. In addition, he deals an extra 1 damage to hordes. When attacking using a weapon with the Blast Quality, he instead inflicts an extra 1d5 damage.


Jury Rig – Tier 1 – Khorne – The Forsaken can now use Survival instead of Tech-Use for the Demolitions aspect of Tech-Use. In addition he receives a +10 on Infamy tests to obtain Explosives or Grenades.

Terrain Expert – Tier 2 – The Forsaken is now very adept and moving through the wilderness. He gains a +10 to Stealth and Survival tests. Also, anyone attempting to track the Forsaken takes a -20 to their test.

Wanderer – Tier 2 – Requires at least 1 region Common Lore – Tzeentch – The Forsaken has been to many areas of the galaxy. He gains a +10 bonus to all region Lore tests.

Survivalist – Tier 1 – Nurgle – The Forsaken can now use Survival instead of Medicae for the First Aid aspect of Medicae. In addition he receives a +10 Bonus on Infamy tests to obtain Medical Equipment.

Field Knowledge – Tier 1 – Tzeentch – The Forsaken can now use Survival to replace one of the following lores: Scholastic Lore (Astromancy, Beasts, Chymistry, Occult, Tactica Imperialis). or Trade (Armorer, Linguist, Technomat, Voidfarer). Each additional skill must be taken individually

Jack of All Trades – Tier 3 – The Forsaken now only takes a -10 penalty to using any skill he does not have. In addition for Lore skills, except Forbidden Lores, he can now test those skills at a -20 if he does not have them.

Procurer – Tier 3 – The Forsaken’s ability to procure goods has now increased dramatically. His Resourceful ability now functions for any item at Extremely Rare and below. Any items at Rare or Below now instead gain a +20 to the acquisition roll instead of +10.

Information Broker – Tier 3 – Tzeentch – The Forsaken has gained the ability to gain insight and information on any topic. Once per session the Forsaken may spend an Infamy Point, and make an Infamy Test. If he passes he counts as having a specified Forbidden Lore for the rest of the session. This Talent can be taken more than once, and allows additional rolls per session

Slaver – Tier 2 – Khorne – The Forsaken is now especially adept at gaining services from other people. Any time he is trying to obtain the services of more than 1 person, he treats the difficulty granted by the number of people by 1 less.

The Gods Provide – Tier 2 – The Forsaken now can acquire goods much easier than normal. Once per session, by spending an Infamy Point, the Forsaken may substitute his Survival skill for an Infamy test on an item(s) acquisition roll.

Web of Peers – Tier 2 – The Forsaken has developed a large network of people who know him or know of him throughout his travels. When interacting with NPCs, he may roll 1d10. If the result is lower than his Fel bonus, he gains a +10 to all interaction tests with the NPC.

Tech-Marine or Heretek

Call of Iron – Requires Ferric Implants, Ferric Lure – Tier 3 – This ability can now be used to take weapons from the hands of enemies. By making an Opposed Willpower Check against the target’s Agility, should he succeed he may pull any metallic weapon that the opponent has not in hand. Should he wish to pull an item from the hands of the target it is against the target’s strength instead.

Ferric Mastery – Requires Ferric Implants, Ferric Lure – Tier 3 – The Heretek or Tech-Marine may now substitute his intelligence when using Ferric Lure or Call of Iron. In addition, when he chooses to damage items, he adds his Intelligence modifier to the damage.

Weapon Tech Overload – Requires Int 55, Weapon Tech, Forbidden Lore (Archaeotech)+10 – Tier 2 – The Heretek or Techmarine has a greater understanding of technology than other warriors. When using a Melta, Plasma, Power, or Exotic Weapon, he may add Increase the Pen and Felling of the weapon by half his Int Bonus when using Weapon Tech

Weapon Tech Mastery – Requires Int 65, Weapon Tech Overload, Forbidden Lore (Archaeotech)+10 – Tier 3 – The Heretek or Techmarine has learned how to make his use of the Weapon Tech talent last for longer than a single round. The Benefits of Weapon Tech now last for rounds equal to his Int Bonus. These extra rounds only affect the Heretek or Techmarine’s weapons, and does not affect those weapons affected by Weapon Tech Spread.

Weapon Tech Spread- Requires Int 60, Weapon Tech, Forbidden Lore (Archaeotech)+10 – Tier 3 – The Heretek or Techmarine has learned how to give his bonuses to Weapon Tech to his allies. He can Imbue a number of weapons that can be affected by the Weapon Tech talent equal to Half his Int Bonus, rounded up. This increase lasts only 1 round.

Luminen Grasp – Requires Ferric Master, Luminen Blast, Int 60 – Tier 3 – When using Ferric Lure, the Heretek can as a free action use Luminen Blast on the target of his Ferric Lure.

Luminen Pulse – Requires Luminen Blast, Int 55 – Tier 3 – The Heretek or Tech-Marine has become more adept at using Luminen Blast than before, he now adds his Intelligence to the damage and replaces Shocking with Concussive (X), where X is half his Int Bonus rounded down.

Maglev Awakening – Tier 3 – Requires Maglev Transcendence, Int 55 – The Heretek or Tech-Marine may now use Maglev Transcendence for a number of mins equal to 2d10+(5xInt Bonus). If he has Maglev Transcendence active when he is falling, so long as it is still active when he would reach the ground, he does not take damage. Second, he may give himself the Flyer (X) trait for 1d10+Int mins per day, where X is equal to his Int Bonus

Artificer – Tier 2 – Requires Int 45 – The Tech-marine or Heretek may now select one of his items. This item’s quality is raised by one. This talent can be taken multiple times up to half the Tech-marine or Heretek’s Int Bonus. If a Weapon (melee or ranged) be improved beyond Best Quality, it becomes Artificer Quality increasing damage and pen by 1, in addition to the increases form Best Quality. Artificer Armor increases its armor to all locations by 3, including the bonus from Best Quality. No item can be better than Artificer Quality.

Forge Master – Tier 3 – Requires Int 60, – The Tech-Marine or Heretek may now once per session unlock or suppress a quality in a weapon that he is wielding. This also unlocks the Trade (Forge Master) skill which can be used to create legion weaponry and armor, as well as repair them and repair legion vehicles

Melee – Balanced, Defensive, Razor Sharp, Shocking
Ranged – Accurate, Gyro-Stabilized, Reliable

Melee – Primitive, Unbalanced, Unwieldy
Ranged – Overheats, Recharge

Warpsmith – Tier 3 – Requires Int 60, Forbidden Lore (Warp)+10, Forbidden Lore (Daemonology) +10 – The character is now much more adept at infusing a Daemon into a vehicle or weapon. He gains a +20 bonus to rituals involving this. In addition, he is now able to implant upgrades and customizations into daemon weapons (requiring a Forbidden Lore (Warp) test).

Available to all Archetypes

Blurred Parry – Requires Parry +20, Preternatural Speed, Deflect Shot, Blademaster – Slaanesh – The character can now use the Deflect Shot talent on any incoming attach.

Spectre – Requires Stealth +20, Ambush, Ag 50 – Tier 2 – Tzeentch – The character has become a ghost among the living, he can now attack his enemies in melee and disappear as if he was never there. After attacking a target from stealth, he can now make an opposed Hard (-20) Stealth Test vs Awareness to return back to stealth.

Precision – Requires Deadeye Shot or Sure Strike, BS 35 or WS 35 – Tier 2 – Tzeentch – The character has become so adept at destroying his enemies in the most precise locations, that he now can do extra damage. In order to benefit from this talent in both ranged and melee you will need to take it twice and have the appropriate prerequisites. When making a called shot at a particular location a special effect occurs. Arm: Target take a -5 to doing anything with that arm for 1d5 rounds; Leg: Reduce movement by 2m; Chest: target gains 1 level of fatigue; Head: attack gains the Shocking trait; These effects require that you deal enough damage to bypass the target’s armor and toughness, not off of a Zealous Hatred.

Silent Ambush – Requires Ambush, Stealth +20, Ag 55 – Tier 3 – Slaanesh – When the character comes out of stealth, so long as the character’s target is unaware of the character, the next melee attack he deals does an additional 1d10 of damage and gains the Concussive (2) quality.

Guerrilla Training – Requires Stealth – Tier 1 – The character no longer suffers the penalties to Stealth tests while wearing Power Armor, including Terminator Armor.

Talents not found in books

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